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Als einer der weltweit führenden Hersteller im Bereich der Bohrtechnik für Sprengloch- und Explorationsbohrungen begrüßen wir Sie herzlich auf unseren Internetseiten.

Wir geben Ihnen auf den nachstehenden Seiten einen umfassenden Einblick in unser Leistungsvermögen.

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Bauer Gruppe HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik

We have more clout together

HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik became a BAUER Group company on 1 June 2009.

The BAUER Group is an internationally operating construction and mechanical engineering concern based in Schrobenhausen. As part of the stock listed BAUER Aktiengesellschaft holding company, over 100 subsidiaries operate in the building, machinery construction and resources fields.

In the building segment, BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH together with over 50 subsidiaries and sister companies carries out foundation engineering tasks throughout the world. The range of operations involves large-format bored piling, diaphragm walls, anchoring, high-pressure grout injections, sealing bases together with vibro and small-format bored piling. Development work is carried out in all the fields - with the focus very much on designing and constructing high-grade structures on problematical building land. Projects are executed by expert technical staff.

In the machinery segment, global market leader Bauer provides an extensive variety of machinery and tools for specialist foundation engineering. Together with its subsidiaries, BAUER Maschinen GmbH manufactures, for instance, rotary drilling rigs, anchoring drilling rigs, diaphragm wall cutters, rammers, mixing systems, blast hole drilling rigs, well drilling rigs and geothermal drilling rigs. The machine construction companies offer " more than just the machine". Based on their extensive experience, customers are provided with complete solutions.

The resources segment concentrates on water, energy, mineral resources and environment products. Under BAUER Resources GmbH a large number of subsidiaries are active in the 3 operative divisions of Materials, Exploration and Mining as well as in the Environment division.

Bauer Bau BAUER Machines Bauer Resources

The Bauer Group derives benefits from its 3 business segments working together. As such, Bauer can provide innovative and highly specialised integrated solutions for demanding specialist foundation engineering work. They include all the required services and special machinery.

Founded over 200 years ago, Bauer is today a leader in the execution of complex excavation pits, foundations and vertical seals as well as in the development and manufacture of suitable machinery for this dynamic market. The Group also deploys its expertise in the exploration, mining and safeguarding of valuable natural resources. In 2008, the companies of the BAUER Group employed some 8,600 people in over 60 countries and achieved total Group revenues of EUR 1.53 billion.

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