HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik, Drolshagen, Germany

HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik

More than 60 years experience and innovation

HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik develop and manufacture hydraulic drill rigs and drilling accessories for the use in quarries, open-cast mines, special foundation construction and the exploration of natural resources. 60 years of experience and continuous innovation in this field emphasize the technical competence.

The HAUSHERR product range includes:

Hydraulic rotary drill and down the hole hammer machines

from 3,5 up to 40 tons operating weight (HBM-series)

Hydraulic down the hole hammer machines

from 7 up to 25 tons operating weight (HSB-series)

Hydraulic universal drill rigs

surface exploration, water wells, geothermal and core drilling (HBM 20, 30, 40 and 50 series) from 3,5 up to 12 tons operating weight

Drilling accessories

casings, drilling tools, breaking devices


on-board modules up to 435 psi and 1060 cfm
HAUSHERR System Bohrtechnik
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